The primary reason for writing the book, Get Job Ready – How to Land Your Dream Job Out of College, is to help address the youth unemployment issue in India. The secondary reason being…for India to achieve her full potential, its college graduates need to have strong fundamental employability skills/abilities such as work ethic, communication, creative problem solving and teamwork.

As you may know, the majority of college students in India don’t have an outcome in hand on the day they complete their education, due to lack of job readiness. This is not only a problem for students, parents, and educational institutions, but rather a problem for the nation/society. This problem is further compounded for students from rural areas and for the families facing socio-economic challenges. 

The book is targeted at 30 million college students in India to address the issue head on. Built on global best practices, Get Job Ready lays out a framework and steps to develop a successful transition, while in college, from college to job/career. 

To fix this major employability problem in India, it takes a village, including all of us. For that reason, I am looking for people to donate copies of the book to students in need who can’t afford…students from socially and/or economically disadvantaged families. As these families see education as their ticket to out of poverty and the upward mobility, the job post college is a must. This book can help these students achieve a meaningful outcome. 

I dedicated the book to parents facing socio-economic challenges who invest in their children’s education for a better future, and plan to donate the proceeds from this book to nonprofit cause. 

You can make a donation to a college of your choice or you can allow us to make a donation on your behalf to students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. You can also specify any additional requirements (e.g. City, State, University, Public Library). You will be notified when your donation (books) are delivered to a beneficiary.

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Make A Difference

If you’re interested in donating the book to a college of your choice, or alternatively you can allow us to make a donation on your behalf to students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, please contact us.